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Samantha’s Success Story

This could be another simple testimonial telling you how much I love chiropractic and how it changed my life, but I believe some look into what has gotten me here will really show why regular chiropractic care and prevention are so important.

First off, my parents are the best. They did everything they could for a little girl who was highly asthmatic, prone to ear infections, hyper active, constipated, bladder infections and just plain sick all the time in the 80’s. There was a point in my life that I was at the hospital and ER more than school. I had to quit most of my extra curriculum activities and haul special medications and nebulizers with me to school in one hand while I tried to carry a violin in the other.

Now, as an adult I can only imagine how tough that all was for my parents. As a child I didn’t know any other way of life. I did not know what it felt like to be healthy. I was tons of medications, antibiotics, steroids, supplements the whole medicine cabinet. By the time I was 10 I was so over weight and puffed up from the drugs I could barely do any physical activity and I started feeling sad and self conscience about my body. Again, I LOVE my parent’s, and they did EVERYTHING that they could with the resources that they knew of.

Once I got older, even though I was off most of the medication, I was starting to feel the long term effects. I was constantly suffering from migraines, tummy aches, digestive problems, dental issues, unbearable menstrual pain and a weak immune system. I was always sick.

Then I met Dr. Tate. Who knew all the changes that were possible with a 5 minute appointment once a week? I had no idea.

All of a sudden with regular chiropractic adjustments my migraines were gone. Then, I started dropping the pounds. Next, I noticed I went a whole 6 months without ever calling off work for being sick. WOW. Next thing you know I started becoming more aware of my body, what I was eating and all the different types of stress I encounter daily and how it effects my body and what I can do to prevent it.

Chiropractic helped change my life. I know my parents did the best for me as a child, but I wonder if my childhood would have been different if I had adjustments then. I KNOW my family will have their nervous system checked regularly. I know I am a healthiest I have EVER been in my life and I plan to stay this way with the help and support of chiropractic care.

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