New Members & Intake Forms

We are always enthused to work with new people and help them achieve and maintain a wellness lifestyle that allows their body to operate at its optimum level of health!

Realize that what our culture calls health care is actually “sick” care, since it has little to do with advancing true health. It’s mostly about suppressing symptoms while ignoring the underlying cause.

To us, Chiropractic is not about treating what is wrong with you.  It’s about unlocking your body’s inborn ability to heal itself.  For this reason, we look at Chiropractic as an “Investment in Self“.

We offer very affordable care plans for individuals, couples, and families.

To better assess your state of health more efficient and accurately, new members can get a head start with the required paperwork.  Feel free to fill out the forms directly online, or print them out at this website:


We are always excited to work with children and help them to start and achieve a lifestyle that will allow their body to operate at its peak of efficiency and highest level of health! Therefore we have created a special form for new children members. Please download it below; fill it out and bring it with you on your first appointment.

It is particularly important to start a child’s health program at the earliest possible period of their life. When started early a child’s health can be brought to its optimum level early allowing the child the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.   It has been shown that this will influence every part of their life including study habits, grades, athletic performance and every day personal behavior. It’s about unlocking the child’s inborn ability to adjust and heal itself. For this reason, Chiropractic Care is an “Investment in the Child’s Total Health from The Inside Out”.

Kids Intake Form in Word Format CLICK HERE
Kids Intake Form in PDF Format CLICK HERE