Recommend To Everyone

***** I recommend this chiropractor to EVERYONE. He seriously knows his stuff. I received a buying disc injury last year and was regularly seeing the chiro in my last town. It seemed like I was in there every week needing a new adjustment because the pain and stiffness was too much. When I moved to […]

Thank you!

  Dr. Tate and his staff are professional, knowledgeable and personal. He has cared for me for almost a year and works with me to make sure my needs are met. I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends.   Katie M.

Samantha’s Success Story

This could be another simple testimonial telling you how much I love chiropractic and how it changed my life, but I believe some look into what has gotten me here will really show why regular chiropractic care and prevention are so important. First off, my parents are the best. They did everything they could for […]

more energy, no more depression meds!

Chiropractic has helped me so much with my brain injury. It has helped with depression, increased my overall energy, and I do not need my meds anymore.  Thanks Dr. Tate!

April 2nd Wellness Meeting

Wellness Meeting is on Monday April 2nd at 6:30 at our offices at 114 E Oak. Please bring friends and family. Topics of discussion will range from chiropractic care to nutrition to wellness and even to growing organic food in the back yard. Help us expand the knowledge of human wellness. Use the links below […]


10/18/11 Growing up with a quadriplegic father, the importance of my spinal cord was never in question. In fact, it made me more skeptical than ever about having it manipulated. As an active person and a dance major in college, I developed an annoying pain in my mid-low back. After seeing a physical therapist and […]

Tracy’s Pregnancy and Chiropractic

When I had surgery a couple years ago, my gynecologist told me that it would be very likely I would carry any children breach because of the shape of my uterus. Turns out she knew what she was talking about. For many reasons, I really did not want to accept having a c-section unless I’d […]

Laura’s Migraine Headaches and Back Pain

Thanks to many months of top-notch Chiropractic care, my back is finally feeling itself once again. Dr. Tate has not only been an amazing Dr. but he has also been a world-class friend in the process of my treatment. Prior to coming in to his office, my back pain (due to a car accident) was […]

Don E Digestion and Chiropractic

I had been to multiple Doctors for irritable bowel issues and was recommended medication.  Under Dr. Gentile’s care and treatment I have made more progress with him than all other doctors combined. I have made a marvelous recovery under the use of more natural methods and feel great!  It’s a wonderful feeling to be off […]

Rich K Chiropractic Wellness Testimonial

I was involved in a rear-end auto accident and was experiencing headaches and lower back pain. The M.D. suggested chiropractic would be able to treat my injuries. Since my visits with Dr. Gentile, the frequency of my headaches has been sgnificantly reduced and my lower back pain is nearly gone. I believe that regular chiropractic […]

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