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Growing up with a quadriplegic father, the importance of my spinal cord was never in question. In fact, it made me more skeptical than ever about having it manipulated.

As an active person and a dance major in college, I developed an annoying pain in my mid-low back. After seeing a physical therapist and the pain persisting, I went to a chiropractor. He put me on a very expensive plan and unrealistic appointment schedule and really didn’t seem to have my health in his best interest. Needless to say, I never went back. I lived with whatever back aches I had and decided I would rather have a sore back than deal with a person I didn’t trust to rearrange my spine.

10 years later, I found myself in need of help. I spent all day in my car for work commuting from Fort Collins to Denver, Golden and Vail. About a year into my job I noticed increasingly bad headaches and migraines that eventually moved into my face and ear. There were mornings when I would jump out of bed, run to the mirror to see if my face had drooped. My entire right side of my face felt different from the left and my head was pounding almost every day. I made an appointment with a dentist because it seemed like it was a pain in my face. The x-rays showed no problems with my teeth or sinus cavity. Second appointment was with an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist, thinking that perhaps I was having an inner ear infection. Their findings showed nothing. I was just about to see a Neurologist and schedule and MRI. It was then that I was referred to Tate Gentile, DC. I was told that he was a specialist in Migraines. Based on my last experience with a chiropractor, and my general skepticism regarding chiropractic medicine, I refused. But I was getting desperate. My migraines were now causing too much interference with my professional and personal life.

I decided to visit Tate. I shared with him my honest skepticism and overall fears. I shared with him my stories of chiropractors in the past and he listened and understood. After spending about 40 minutes just talking with me, I was ready for my first adjustment. I was petrified, but also, I was ready to be out of pain.
With one single adjustment, I felt a hot flush come over the right side of my face. My migraine was gone. It hasn’t been back since. All of the pain in my face, the drooping sensation, it was all gone. He told me to come back in a week just to follow up. He never put me on some crazy expensive plan, he just put the ball in my court and gave me his recommendations. That was two years ago. I have seen Tate regularly, on a monthly basis, or as needed. My job requires me to be in the car all day and I am confident that his adjustments and care have kept me out of headaches.

The second success story I have from my experience with Tate was regarding women’s health concerns. After seeing my OBGYN for cramping I was diagnosed with a polyp in my uterine lining. The only option given to me was a D & C, which is an outpatient surgery. I was very concerned about having a surgery and felt it may be too soon to make that decision. Tate also recommended that I wait to see if my body would process this polyp on its own. I maintained my regular adjustments and we worked in areas that would be relevant to this area. With my surgery scheduled, I went in for two more ultrasounds and the polyp was still showing up. At my pre-op appointment, one week before my scheduled surgery, I told my doctor that I had a heavier cycle recently and I wanted another ultrasound, just to be sure. He explained that it was highly unlikely that the polyp was gone, but he would order another ultrasound if it made me more comfortable. The next day my ultrasound showed no polyp and my lining had returned to normal. Although the treatment process took a few months, it kept me from undergoing surgery and I was very grateful.

More importantly, when I became pregnant I maintained my visits with Tate. He has made some modifications to the adjustment process, however, I have had a flawless pregnancy with little to no back pain, no morning sickness, and certainly no headaches. I am getting ready to deliver in a few weeks and my OBGYN has informed me that the baby is in position and ready to go. I give Tate a lot of credit for maintaining my health throughout and contributing to the health of my child.

These are just specific examples of how my experience has helped change my life and my health. He has kept me out of surgery and MRI’s. There have been many days in between of little differences and I always look forward to my adjustments. I feel it is important to be responsible for your own health. I also believe in leading a lifestyle that is preventative rather than reactionary with regard to your health. I found that my experience with Tate provided me health care that I believe in and changed my opinion, in general, about chiropractic medicine.
Thanks Tate!!!

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