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Tracy’s Pregnancy and Chiropractic

When I had surgery a couple years ago, my gynecologist told me that it would be very likely I would carry any children breach because of the shape of my uterus. Turns out she knew what she was talking about. For many reasons, I really did not want to accept having a c-section unless I’d exhausted all options. A family member, a chiropractor in Arizona, suggested I try the Webster technique and recommended Dr. Tate. I was a skeptical and researched it. It’s important that you know, the Dr. does not adjust the baby in the womb. He adjusts you so the baby has the most room to do what it instinctively wants to do. The technique is very simple and much easier on you than lying in an inverted position, drugs for version or any other option for changing the baby’s position you may have read about. And, it worked for me!

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