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Daughter Of A Chiropractor

***** Being the daughter of two chiropractors, I was quite skeptical going to a new chiropractor for the first time since moving to Colorado. Dr. Curtis surpassed all of my expectations, and I had an absolutely wonderful experience. Regarding my back pain due to my scoliosis, it has completely dissipated after just the first visit. Regarding the environment of the office, it is friendly, welcoming, yet professional. Not to mention Dr. Curtis’s breadth of knowledge of holistic medicine and lifestyle practices supplements his knowledge and experience in chiropractic seamlessly. I can’t imagine going to another chiropractic office in Colorado.

Brooke Beytin


***** First visit $60. Second visit $40. The ability to shut my wife up and stop her constant complaining about her back and neck, priceless. I love Dr. Curtis, he’s the best and I’ve been to many, many Chiropractors. If he’s not part of your health routine – you’re a fool.

Dana Fortugno

Scoliosis Surgery

***** I wouldn’t recommend anyone else for chiropractic work in Fort Collins. I have had scoliosis surgery in the past and it was so comforting to know that Dr. Curtis has worked with patients like me for 15 years. His level of knowledge and attentiveness to my injury is unparalleled. The price is right, and the treatment is top notch. I’m so unbelievably satisfied with his work, I never knew my neck could be so mobile! Please, don’t waste your money or risk your health elsewhere.

Marisa Carrera

Recommend To Everyone

***** I recommend this chiropractor to EVERYONE. He seriously knows his stuff. I received a buying disc injury last year and was regularly seeing the chiro in my last town. It seemed like I was in there every week needing a new adjustment because the pain and stiffness was too much. When I moved to Fort Collins I randomly searched for Chiropractors the day after unpacking, needing one BAD, and am so grateful I found Inner Balance. I admit, when I first came in I was very skeptical of a lot of what the doctor was saying and doing- it was so different from my old chiropractor. However, with his scan he was able to determine I had received a back injury as a child- something I had forgotten completely about, until now. 9 months later I see him once a month, maybe every two months. I am PAIN FREE, I can move so much more easily, and his pricing is very affordable. 🙂 He healed me! Thank you!!

Elizabeth Rose

Individualized Care

***** Dr. Curtis is passionate about his work and provides gentle, individualized care. He helped me find relief from migraines and openness throughout my spine. He and his wife remembered details about me and my life and were always warm and kind.

Onalee Roe

Very Gentle

***** Dr. Curtis and his lovely wife are amazing. I don’t believe you should be body slammed when you get adjusted. Dr. Curtis is very effective and gentle. I would send any of my friends or family to him.

Rachel Arellano September 2015


***** Dr. Curtis Weseloh and his beautiful wife, Giovanna are in a word, AWESOME!. Okay, one more word: FABULOUS! I’ve only seen chiropractors symptomatically throughout my adult life. Dr. Weseloh is the first I’ve been willing to commit to seeing on a regular basis, year-round. His adjustments are spot on and combined with a bit of critical massage, I feel better after 6-weeks of regular care than I’ve felt in years. Sign up for an appointment now!!

Chris Hardy August 2015

Never A Believer But..

***** Well I am not sure where to start, because I do not give a lot of feedback or write many reviews. I will start by letting you know a few things about myself. Over 40 years ago I broke my right leg, because of this accident my right leg was ½ inch shorter or more. Less than 2 years ago I had my left hip replaced. Let me be clear the hip replacement resolved a lot of my pain in my back. The no pain only lasted a few months, because my body was so outlined I got to the point I could not walk without one cane and sometimes I needed two canes just to walk. One other item I have always been a very active person. Well that is enough about me.

Now, let’s get to the reason I am writing this message. I was never a believer in Chiropractic. I do not have any reason, just never thought I would be in the condition needing this type of service.

Too relieve some of my pain I started seeing a great Massage Therapist, but I was told I needed more help to get my body unlined so I would not be in a lot of pain all the time. Please remember, I could not walk without pain all the time.
About 3 months ago I went to Inner-Balance Chiropractic. I have been working with Dr. Curtis. What I like the most, Dr. Curtis he listened and he let me work with him to setup a plan resolve the issues with my body. Dr. Curtis has been working on educating me about my own body and what is needed.

I am excited to tell you, I feel better than I have in the last 5 years of my life. I am back being myself; I have been golfing, walking and working on my house. I am so happy, because I thought I would not be able to do the things I can do now without being in pain.
From being a non-believer in Chiropractic, Dr. Curtis with Inner-Balance Chiropractic, I thank you for giving back my Life.

George A. Baylis December 2015

Improves Our Health

***** Dr. Curtis Weseloh continues to prove himself as a true expert in the field of Chiropractic care. My wife and two children see Dr. Curtis as a familiy visit once every two weeks. Every adjustment improves flexibility, sensation, internal immune response (less sick), and overall general health. In my opinion, Inner Balance Chiropractic is the Choice City’s #1 location for family friendly chiropractic care. We will be back again and again. Thank you Dr. Curtis and Giovanna!

Mark McWilliams December 2015

Chiropractic For The Family

***** My wife, 3yr old and I have been adjusted weekly by Dr. Curtis since February of 2015. Increased mobility, flexibility and cognitive function have been just a few positive benefits from our visits to his friendly office in downtown Fort Collins. We will continue to recommend and visit Inner Balance weekly. Please don’t hesitate to call and schedule an appointment!
Joe November 2015


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