World Cup Soccer Starts Now at Inner Balance Chiropractic


World Cup Raffle

World Cup Raffle 

Inner Balance Chiropractic 

Quarter Finals Prizes:
15 Dollar Gift Cards to:
La Luz
Walrus Ice Cream
Choice City
Big Al’s


 Semi-Finals Prizes:


50 Dollar Gift Cards to:
Shell Gas
Restuarant 415


Final Prize:

Here is how to earn tickets:

1 Ticket:

-Check in at Inner Balance Chiropractic on Facebook


2 Tickets:

-Post a picture and tag yourself at Inner Balance Chiropractic on Facebook


5 Tickets:


– Write a review on our  Yelp, Google, or Facebook page


– Write a testimonial on our webpage

10 Tickets:

– Refer a friend or family member


15 Tickets

– Schedule a talk or ‘lunch & learn’ at your work, group, or club


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