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Stress Relief

April is National Stress Awareness month. The impact of chronic stress in our lives is overwhelming. You may have heard Dr. Tate discuss the 3 types of stress we all face in our lives at our Wellness Workshops; physical, emotional, and chemical stress. We are going to address a few ways to help manage and cope with stress in your daily life.

Think Happy Thoughts. It is easy to start feeling grumpy and angry when you get stressed out. Little things start to irritate you and patience just goes out the window. The next time you catch yourself saying nasty things about yourself, someone or something under your breath, try to change your words. Turn the situation around and find at least one thing positive about the situation or person.

Be Grateful. You just woke up one morning and it is one of those days already. Nothing seems to be going right or smoothly. You feel like your in a slump. The next time this happens, just start listing off things you are grateful for. You can create a habit out of it, every time you brush your teeth or wait in line or at a stop light just start listing off all the things you are grateful for. Soon, you will realize the list is endless and things start looking a little brighter.

Take a walk. Move your body, go for a hike, walk the dog, yoga, dance, movement. Not only is exercise good for your physical body, it is beneficial to the mind too. Exercise has been shown to help with depression while connecting with nature gives you a moment to calm down, relax and enjoy.

Laugh. After a long stressful day try putting on a good funny movie or favorite comedy show. It will always make things a little lighter. Hanging out with some good company, friends and family that can make you laugh is even better! Laughter has been found to help with depression and is related to happiness.

Come in and get Adjusted. Many times when we are stressed we find our bodies full of tension. When our muscles are tight and tense it can pull your spine out of a balanced alignment, creating a subluxation. When you take time to take care of yourself and your nervous system, you can make sure your body is functioning optimally and helping you cope and respond to stress in a healthier way.

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