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Essential Health Supplements

Omega 3’s and Vitamin D!


We keep getting asked what supplements are essential to our health. Here are two that Dr. Tate takes daily and are especially necessary during the winter season to maintain a healthy immune system. We are excited to now offer high quality essential Vitamin D drops.

Sufficient levels of Vitamin D are necessary for proper function of the immune system, cardiovascular health, bone growth and repair, and for overall wellness and prevention. Unless you are getting 30 minutes of summer sunlight exposure on large parts of your body everyday, you are probably in need of Vitamin D supplementation.


We are also excited about our new Omega -3 Fatty Acids by Innate Choice. Omega 3 is essential for health and well being. EPA and DHA Omega -3 fatty acids are so very important because they are the main component of the brain neurons and all cell membranes. Deficiency in EPA/DHA Omegas is implicated as a causal factor in virtually all the common illnesses and causes of disease related death in the Western world.


If you would like to learn more stop by the office and we will be happy to talk to you about the importance of healthy supplementation for you and your family.

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