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Nothing Organic About The Flu Shot

Spray pesticides on an apple and it’s no longer organic. Add a drop of oil to a glass of spring water and it’s no longer pure.
Most Americans detest the idea of dumping chemicals in a pristine natural environment. So why not have the same aversion when it comes to flu shots?
Could it be that you do not know what is in a flue shot? They contain Mercury (a known neurotoxin in the form of thimerisol), Glycol (a component of anti-freeze) and Formaldehyde (the stuff the preserve dead bodies with). If you dumped those chemicals in your local water supply you would get arrested. But every year unknowing Americans line up at their local grocery store or pharmacy to get it injected directly into their blood stream.
Given the choice of eating an organic apple or an apple that had been blasted with toxic chemicals, you know which one you would rather eat. Which apple would you give to your child? There are alternative methods to protect your immune system. Why not ask your chiropractor what these natural methods are and make your body organic this flu season.

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