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Welcome to Inner Balance Chiropractic

Total Family Care - Chiropractor Fort Collins

Our mission is to serve as many people as possible with the most exceptional chiropractic care. We understand that the vertebral subluxation is detrimental to overall health and well being and will go to great lengths to educate the community about the benefits of chiropractic care and the restoration of health.

Comfortable and Efficient

We employ gentle yet deep techniques that have shown effective and efficient in patients suffering from pathology and symptoms evolving from cervical and lumbar disc herniation.

Individualistic Approach

We work for you and your family to provide an individualistic approach to your total health and facilitate the road to recovery through the body’s incredible natural ability to heal.

Improved Health and Well-Being

Our main focus is you and your family’s health and well-being. We expertly guide the body to capitalize on its unique ability to self-adapt and self-heal without the use of drugs or surgery.

Meet The Doctor

Dr. Curtis is a leading Fort Collins chiropractor and the doctor here at Inner Balance Chiropractic. As a Chiropractor with a strong desire to serve and help others, Chiropractic Care is a testament to his way of life; one that includes eating healthy, regular exercise, reducing and managing stress levels, and getting the proper individualistic chiropractic care one might need on a regular basis.

Chiropractic Services

There are three fundamental chiropractic truths:

1.) The body is a self-healing, self-adapting organism
2.) The nervous system is the master control system of the body—Everything is processed through the nervous system
3.) Interference with the function of the nervous system creates dis-ease

A chiropractor’s job is to locate, analyze and remove any interference in your nervous system and enable the body to heal itself. Symptoms such as pain, sneezing, coughing, upset stomach and fatigue are the body’s way of warning us that something is out of balance and needs to change–it’s a brilliant survival mechanism.


114 E. Oak St. Fort Collins, CO 80524




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Monday/Thursday: 2:00-6:30
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Patient Testimonials

Dr Curtis is by far the best chiropractor around. I have been dealing with a lot of back pain and he is truly amazing and wonderful. Someone who actually takes the the time to care for you at a reasonable cost.

Toshana Riebecky


I have been seeing Doc Curtis for a while now~I highly recommend him for healing and chiropractic care. He is so compassionate and truly cares for his patients.

Daynarae Bear


Dr. Curtis and the staff at Inner Balance Chiropractic have been very welcoming and nurturing to me and my daughter. He has a fantastic technique and is great with kiddos!

Ariana Friedlander


I would highly recommend Dr. Curtis to anyone who is looking to improve their overall well being. He has helped work through some challenging health concerns and I would recommend him to everyone!

Madeline Kates


I have been a patient of Inner Balance Chiropractic almost 7 years! Dr. Curtis helps me through the times that are painful and keeps me going with regular adjustments (which I need). I refer Inner Balance Chiropractic all the time! Thank you Dr. Curtis!

Mike Sibbald


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