Lower Back Pain Relief

  In most cases, a primary care doctor or chiropractor can help you resolve the problem.   Published: November, 2017 by Harvard Health Letter a publication of Harvard Medical School Low back pain is one of the most common complaints on the planet. And you may wonder where to turn when you start experiencing some […]

The 2nd Largest Health Care Profession

Chiropractic is vastly misunderstood among the general public. It is inevitable that we can’t fully understand the depth of a certain area of study unless we immerse ourselves in it. This is precisely the reason we hire an accountant, a lawyer, and a realtor to take care of our respective needs in their field of […]

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We will be closed December 23rd thru December 27th.  

Chiropractic Increase Athletes Vertical Jump Height

New studies now indicate that Chiropractic adjustments to the pelvis can increase vertical jump height. These new studies give further proof, that is already known to many professional and collegiate teams, now providing Chiropractic care for their athletes. In addition to injury prevention this research proves that chiropractic care results in an increase in sports […]

Inner Balance Wins Open Care Award

Inner Balance Chiropractic has been voted as one of the top Fort Collins, CO Chiropractic practices. Verified by

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Ladies Night May 19th

Chiropractic During Pregnancy: The Webster Technique

By: Dr. Tate Gentile Chiropractic has become more and more used by pregnant mothers and their babies as they discover how essential the function of the spine and nervous system are to their overall health….. pre-conception, conception, development, delivery, and on. Pregnant mothers are susceptible to sacral and pelvic changes because of the change in […]

The Chiropractor And The Peach

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