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Recommend To Everyone

***** I recommend this chiropractor to EVERYONE. He seriously knows his stuff. I received a buying disc injury last year and was regularly seeing the chiro in my last town. It seemed like I was in there every week needing a new adjustment because the pain and stiffness was too much. When I moved to Fort Collins I randomly searched for Chiropractors the day after unpacking, needing one BAD, and am so grateful I found Inner Balance. I admit, when I first came in I was very skeptical of a lot of what the doctor was saying and doing- it was so different from my old chiropractor. However, with his scan he was able to determine I had received a back injury as a child- something I had forgotten completely about, until now. 9 months later I see him once a month, maybe every two months. I am PAIN FREE, I can move so much more easily, and his pricing is very affordable. 🙂 He healed me! Thank you!!

Elizabeth Rose

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