Highly Recommend Dr. Curtis

*****I highly recommend Dr. Curtis and his team at Inner Balance Chiropractic! They are professional, kind, supportive, and provide the service you always want with the specialized care that you need.

My husband, 3 year old child, and I frequent Inner Balance often and can honestly say that a combination of chiropractic care, other supportive methods, and lifestyle choices allow us to live vibrant lives. Our 3 year old child climbs right up onto the table for Dr. Curtis to adjust her-she must know the power and positive impact it has on her because she completely relaxes and looks forward to it. I know she is in great hands-literally!

We know that “health is a choice, not a chance” as Dr. Curtis prescribes. Thank you Dr. Curtis, Giovanna and Inner Balance Chiropractic for helping my family and I achieve balance and optimum health and wellness!

Deanna Gillan February 2016


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