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We will be closed December 23rd thru December 27th.  

Chiropractic Increase Athletes Vertical Jump Height

New studies now indicate that Chiropractic adjustments to the pelvis can increase vertical jump height. These new studies give further proof, that is already known to many professional and collegiate teams, now providing Chiropractic care for their athletes. In addition to injury prevention this research proves that chiropractic care results in an increase in sports […]

All Of Us Go To Doctor Curtis

My whole family goes to Dr. Curtis. We have all had great results and he is wonderful at helping us maintain our health. Best of all he listens. When I talked to him about trying a different method of adjustments to see if I hold my adjustments longer he listened, and we were able to […]

I Refrained From Chiropractic…But

I refrained from Chiropractic care for a long time. I don’t like to be popped and cracked, which had been my experience. When I finally broke down and started going to Inner Balance……I told my parents they were free to use the phrase “I told you so”. Dr. Curtis is amazing and his wife, downright […]


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