Five Stars

My 2 year old son and I recently were hit in an high impact car accident. Dr. Curtis has helped our bodies greatly. An MD diagnosed me with significant neck strain (whiplash) but felt my son was ‘fine’. Logic and physics said otherwise. If I felt so physically bad, and my son’s behavior was highly more irritable, volatile, needy and he was closer to the impact, he likely felt bad too. Dr. Curtis scanned his body to show the impact and its effects on both of us! They were significant! We felt them. My neck and C-1 have been sore and pain filled. My son’s behavior continued to escalate. Each time we visit Dr. Curtis we feel relief. My son’s behavior has calmed down to a normal 2 year old. Today his follow up scan even show’s he is functioning in the ‘normal’ realm again. As an adult, I’m making slower progress than my son. That’s to be expected. Nevertheless, I feel so much better each time I come in to be adjusted. I feel relief and progress over the course of our care. So far we’ve been seen 6 times since the accident. Inner Balance Chiropractic treats us like family. Dr. Curtis, his wife Giovanna, and staff Ariel treat my children and spouse with great respect. They all play with my kids. My kids love going to the Chiropractor. We all now receive adjustments. I trust Dr. Curtis, and the process we are going through together. I recommend you feel this experience for yourself! He is amazing, compassionate, and very knowledgeable. His staff is sensitive, friendly, and courteous.

– Sunshine S. 4/20/2015 *****


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