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October Newsletter

Inner Balance Chiropractic
Mark Your Calendars!!
Dr. Tate will be out of the office Thursday October 17th through Sunday October 20th. We would love to see as many faces as we can before we leave and after we return!

We Want To Party With You!!!!

New Practice Members!
Come to our Wellness Party
Wednesday October 9th at 6:15pm
Wednesday October
23rd at 6:15pm
Learn how to get the most from your care. Get better quicker, Stay better longer for the least amount of money
RSVP and make food requests with Sam


Massage special

Nikki will be offering 20% off massages for students in the month of October. Release your mid-term stress with a relaxing massage. Call to schedule one today!

Herb Corner

Black Elderberry 
is a beautiful herb to help you through “flu season”. Great tasting and vastly medicinal Elderberry can be enjoyed and used by kids and adults alike. Call on this herb to help keep you well or if you do fall ill use to shorten your sickness time. Your local health food store will carry this herb usually in syrup form, which can be taken straight or used in teas.


If you have questions on the use of  medicinal herbs or  to how to prepare and consume them feel free to contact me at [email protected]
Certified Master Herbalist
October 2013 

With Autumn comes “Flu Season”, 
Dont Fall Into it.

Where does the flu go in the off season?

The answer lies not in a resurgence of the infamous flu bug but in a variety of changes that come with the falling leaves. Changes in sun exposure, diet, stress levels, and amount of activity lower the bodies’ immunity and often are the actual cause for the sickness that takes place in what we know as “flu season”.

Here are some tips to keep you well.


Watch what you eat.

 Refined carbohydrates, gluten and refined sugars decrease our body’s ability to fight off illness. The increase in consumption of these foods at this time of  the year wreaks havoc on the colony of good bacteria that inhabit and maintain a healthy GI tract. Limiting your intake of these toxins and increasing good bacteria producing foods like yogurt and fermented foods can keep your digestive tract healthy and your immunity up.

Vitamin D3

D3  can help to strengthen your body against the invasions of pathogens and promotes  immunity. Getting the recommended  amount of Vitamin D3 from sun exposure can be difficult in a state like Colorado where we reside thousands of miles from the equator. Luckily Vitamin D3 can be found in certain foods and in the form of supplements; which may be beneficial in the fall and winter months. Stop in anytime to chat with us about the Vitamin D3 that we recommend. 

Take time out to de-stress.

Taking time each day to de-stress is extremely important. The more stressors our system is subjected to the lower our ability to stay healthy becomes. Take time each day to destress. Take a walk, do yoga, meditate, read your favorite book, whatever makes you happy, do it.

Stay active.

exercising on a regular basis plays a huge role in staying well. Regular exercise produces a rise in certain lymphocytes  known as Natural Killer Cells. These cells are an integral part of the bodies immunity, keeping you well, no matter the season. 

Get adjusted.

Getting adjusted can  help to set you up for a healthy pass through “flu season”. The better your nervous system is functioning the better your body as a whole can do what it is designed to do. Regular adjustments can  fire up your immune system and help you to stay and live in a state of wellness.


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