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Infant Chiropractic Success Story

Dr Tate is amazing. My infant daughter (around 2 months old) was colicky, gassy, and incredibly touch-sensitive. After weekly visits for a little over a month, she was like a new baby! Her crying and gas pain subsided almost completely and her sensitivity improved ten-fold! Pre-chiro we could do her baby massage for a couple strokes, now she gets upset when we don’t massage long enough! The development we have seen has been astounding, and its been really exciting watching her progress after each session. She loves going to the office and being cooed at by the super friendly office staff, and she gets so excited when Dr. Tate lays her down for her adjustment she dances! She had seen one other chiro, but he was too rough- she cried the entire time- but Dr Tate is super gentle and laid-back, and she loves hearing him talk softly. I love that I can cuddle with my baby without her screaming and squirming away and watching her pass gas without tears every time. I am so very pleased with her progression, I highly recommend Dr Tate and his skills, but especially for babies!

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