“chiropractic is essential in maintaining the active life I lead….”


Last October I was in a roll over car accident. I had no idea what impact this was going to have on my life, emotionally and physically. Two days after my accident my first appointment was at Inner Balance Chiropractic with Dr. Tate. I have been in his care for a year now on routine visits and I know Inner Balance Chiropractic has played a key role in my recovery. I have had chiropractic care since I was a child but this past year has past year has proven that regular chiropractic maintenance is essential in maintaining the active life I lead.

I have always been active in sports and in life, add being a mother of 7 year old twins and my life is even busier that I ever could have imagined! My son struggled with ear infections, seasonal allergies, and slight asthma since he was only months old. Doctors started talking about putting tubes in his ears and increasing his medicine, I wanted a better solution. We started him on routine chiropractic visits and I am very happy to say that we did NOT have to put tubes in his ears, he is completely off his medicine and he has only had to use his nebulizer (for asthma) twice in the past 2 years! I believe chiropractic care helped him reach this quality of health.

Both of my kids have had chiropractic care since they were only months old. Just ask them and they will tell you the first place they want to go to when they are sick or something hurts is Inner Balance to see Dr. Tate! We tell everyone we know, no matter what your ailments are you can and will benefit from chiropractic care!




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