I KNOW THAT I SAVE LIVES–I know that people can not live an optimal life through a sub-optimal nervous system.  I know that life flows down from the brain to the body, to all the cells of my body, and I express my LIFE.  I know that every part of my life is experienced through the 5 senses, all neurological senses, that take in the information the world gives me.  I react, I smile, I cry, I laugh, I get angry, I smile, I get excited, I digest, I breath, I sleep, I sweat, I exercise, all through my nervous system.

I live my life through my nervous system and I know if there is any interference in that nervous system I can not live an optimal life; and if I can not live an optimal life, then I’m not moving towards life, I am moving towards death.  I adjust and remove interference in the nervous system.  I SAVE LIVES.

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