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Laura’s Migraine Headaches and Back Pain

Thanks to many months of top-notch Chiropractic care, my back is finally feeling itself once again. Dr. Tate has not only been an amazing Dr. but he has also been a world-class friend in the process of my treatment. Prior to coming in to his office, my back pain (due to a car accident) was so severe I could not play my saxophone (something I have done since 5th grade), ride my bike, hike, or even sit in a movie theatre for too long before my back would start to cramp. There were evenings I’d wake up with migraines that wouldn’t go away for 5-6 hours. However, due to a dear friend of mine, I was able to get connected with Tate and start the process of healing. After 8-9 months of treatment, my music is back on track, my bike needs new tires from all the riding I’m doing, 6 14ers have been hiked and movies are once again being viewed! You see, Tate does not “mask” the symptoms, he actually treats them! Nobel concept, right? Unlike many of the medicinal or other modes of medical treatment, Dr. Tate allows the body to work for itself from the inside out by opening up the energy systems between the brain and the spinal column. His teachings to his patients are, as mentioned, world-class, and I would recommend anyone suffering from pain or anything abnormal to go in to visit with him.

Along with a great Chiropractic treatment, I would fully encourage anyone to do the Standard Process Purification Program cleanse. Yes, it is a tough schedule and sure the cravings can be atrocious to overcome, but the end result is worth more than words alone can describe. After many months of treatment with Tate, I had noticed my body’s need to “purify” or “detox” and this cleanse allowed for both of those things to happen! Let Dr. Tate know what you want out of the cleanse along with why you want to do it, and he’ll set you up with it.

So all this to say: Dr. Tate has been a blessing in the recovery for my back in the last year. Get in to see him and get yourself feeling optimal again! Life is for living, not for hurting 🙂

Thanks Tate!

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