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You’re Not COOL unless you’re HEALTHY!

Its been a while since I’ve last posted something, so what not a better day as we are moving through this lovely fall weather into daylight savings time.  As I notice the change in seasons, I often think about how our bodies are much like the ecosystem we live in.  In fact our body is an amazing ecosystem in itself made up of the same elements that this earth is:  carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, bacteria, etc.  If we were to break down our body into the individual parts, there is really nothing different than a lot of the same things you may find in your garden.  So the question is…. what gives us LIFE?  What makes these elements function to make a heart beat, reproduce, pump insulin, experience happy thoughts, grow, adapt, and heal?

When we think about health we all know that it is necessary to eat foods that are more alive than dead, drink good clean water, experience quality sleep, exercise your body, and maintain happy thoughts.  One thing we often forget about is having a properly functioning nervous system.  Your brain, spinal cord, and nerves need to be clearly functioning to allow proper communication to our body so that all of our organs, cells, hormones, and chemicals are functioning to their greatest ability.  A combination of all of the above is VITAL to be healthy.  This makes me think of a simple example of how we know exactly how to be healthy, but often times think our bodies are different that the Earth’s ecosystem when it comes to health:

Imagine a house plant:  what does it need to thrive?  ….Good water, enough sunlight, and nutrients in the soil, right?!  So, if a plant turns yellow or brown what would you do?  You could give it lots of water, but if it is in a dark room will it survive?  You could give it lots of organic compost, but if you don’t water it, will it survive?  Or, you could spray paint the leaves green, but then aren’t you just suppressing the symptoms much like taking prescription meds?  You could cut off all the leaves, like doing surgery, but will it thrive?  Ultimately, our plants need a good combination of all these things to provide LIFE.

There is no difference with our system.  Light, Water, Nutrients, Sleep, Good Thinking, Exercise and a properly functioning Nervous System.  It is COOL to be healthy!  If you feel you are missing any of these ingredients, make the shift.  Come in and get your nervous system checked!

Yours in LIFE,

Dr. Tate

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