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Thank you for choosing Inner Balance Chiropractic for your health care needs!

Welcome to Inner Balance Chiropractic! Our mission is to serve as many people as possible with the most exceptional chiropractic care.  We understand that the vertebral subluxation is detrimental to overall health and well being and will go to great lengths to educate the community about the benefits of chiropractic care and the restoration of health.  Through education and the chiropractic adjustment, we are dedicated to facilitate the recognition of each person’s highest health potential.  We encourage our practice members to help us by joining in this most important mission.

This site was designed especially for you. Please take the time to peruse the site so you can become more familiar with what we do, who we are, and how we can assist in your total Chiropractic health experience!

We have a comfortable and efficient environment.  We work for you and your family to provide an individualistic approach to your total health. Chiropractic care improves everyone’s health from newborns to great grandparents and we strive to facilitate the road to health and the recognition of the body’s incredible ability to heal. “As a Chiropractor, my main focus is you and your family’s health and well being.”

Located in Old Town Fort Collins Colorado at 114 E. Oak Street with plenty of free parking. Inner Balance Chiropractic and Chiropractor, Dr. Curtis Weseloh provides a holistic approach to your family’s health and well being.  At Inner Balance Chiropractic, we recognize that true health comes from within, that’s why we focus on a properly functioning nervous system, utilizing an advanced Chiropractic technology inspired by NASA, used by Super Bowl Champions and Olympians, maximizing your unique expression of life!

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