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Subluxation Chiropractic Adjustment

Our bodies are simply amazing!  As two cells come together they carry the miraculous potential of creating LIFE.  Much like an apple seed has the potential to create an apple seedling, developing into a tree, and produce fruit.  How do these atoms, cells, and molecules know what to do, when to do it, in what amount, and at what time to fulfill its potential??

The common factor to potentiate LIFE is this thing we call Innate Intelligence (II).  Innate Intelligence is our own individual expression of Universal Intelligence (UI).  Universal Intelligence is described as that which coordinates all processes in perfect harmony and order; that intelligence which maintains the universe in organization; everywhere, all knowing in every single particle of matter.  Some may call this God, Allah, Buddah, Divine, etc.  Regardless of the name, we all have our unique expression within us called Innate.

Innate has several properties which are constant and never changing much like we experience gravity:  Survival, Adaptation, Replication, Reproduction, and Healing.  These are all very important properties that distinguish us as living beings.  If you were to breakdown our bodies into its chemical compounds you would find that we are made up of several molecules, no different than if you were to breakdown the molecules of a tree.  Imagine a piece of steak.  If you take a knife and slice into it, would it heal over time?  If you punched it would it go through the inflammatory process and bruise?

Your Innate Intelligence is how LIFE is expressed through you, facilitating those very properties of survival, adaptation, replication, reproduction, and healing.

There are many people who have studied countless years of their life, went to the most prestigious universities, and have incredible credentials behind their name.  You could take the education of all these top doctors, lawyers, and scholars and it wouldn’t compare to the inborn intelligence your body was made with.  With the technology and education today, we still haven’t been able to replicate a single cell of the body.  By the time you read this blog, your body will have performed billions of processes without you even knowing it!

Chiropractic was built on a philosophy over 100 years ago to allow Innate to be expressed through you to its optimal potential.  As a chiropractor, I simply locate and analyze interference in your nervous system and remove it with a force.  This interference, described in a previous blog , called a subluxation.  The subluxation is example Innate’s survival mechanism in dealing with stress: physical, chemical, or mental/emotional.

Being the master control system of our body, our Nervous System, (brain, spinal cord, nerves) is the pathway in which our Innate Intelligence travels.  The subluxation often times is asymptomatic, meaning that we don’t know if we have it or not.  The subluxation complex literally impedes mental impulses from our brain separating Universal Intelligence from Innate Intelligence.

We all know the main components to living a healthy life:  eating well, exercise, positive thoughts, and restful sleep. One component we forget about, or never understood was the health of our nervous system.  Having your spine checked regularly will maximize you and your family’s LIFE experience by living to your optimal Innate expression; from Above-Down-Inside-Out.

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